The FoA podcast

The Friends of ANCHOR podcast is the brainchild of retired head teacher Mike Elder, who created the show to raise awareness for the charity and provide a platform for various guests to have their stories heard, be they ANCHOR patients, fundraisers, or members of the NHS team.

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A photograph of podcast guest Dr Al Lawrie

This month's guest: Dr Alastair Lawrie

Introducing this month's podcast guest, Dr Alastair Lawrie, haematology consultant in the ANCHOR Unit.
Listen for Dr Lawrie's perspective on how fundraising money is safeguarded and spent, and hear how a funded fellowship from the charity played a central part in the direction of his career. Some of the advancements Dr Lawrie has seen during his profession might once have been considered 'almost science fiction', but in the time he's worked in the Unit, they've become reality. Hear about those developments and much more in this ep.
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