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Patient community

Facing a cancer or haematology diagnosis can feel scary. Now more than ever, having access to support networks is vital.

Through our online community, there is a safe, supportive and private place for you to connect with fellow patients. A space to share honest feelings and take comfort from the fact you are not walking this unknown journey alone.

You’re welcome to join the group at any time, and with our weekly Brew + Blethers, online guided meditation, guest videos and member musings, we hope you’ll find something that will be a source of strength or encouragement you as you go through your treatment.

To join the community, please search for ‘Friends of ANCHOR patient community’ on Facebook.

Hair loss support service

Brew + Blether

Join us for a virtual get-together, hosted by our wellbeing team every Monday and Thursday on Zoom.

All are welcome! A relaxed hour or so with fellow patients, blethering about everything from daily life and celebrating milestones to sharing anecdotes and personal experiences of treatment.

Our sessions are every Monday at 10am and Thursday at 1pm. You do not have to be a member of our Facebook community to take part. We hope to see you there!

‘Fancy joining us for a brew? Drop us a note here...

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