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Read more about our complimentary services and meet the faces of our wellbeing team who are on hand to support you or a loved one.

Wellbeing Support

Monday - Friday

Our wellbeing support team, based in the ANCHOR Unit, is available to offer practical and emotional support. 

Led by our Head of Wellbeing, Vicki Youngson, our wellbeing coordinators and support worker are on hand, with a listening ear, to bring non-clinical support in whatever way they can.
Support includes:
  • arranging support for you, where we can, from the wealth of third-sector and community organisations that’s there for you
  • coordinating the patient referral-led services, including transport and podiatry services, and Making Memories
  • assisting with the current inpatient visitor service
From left: Vicki, Paula, Lisa and Elena
Our mindfulness tutor Louise

 I certainly am feeling the benefits, now better at being able to fall asleep (whereas before, as soon as my head hit the pillow, my mind went into overdrive)” Feedback from a former mindfulness graduate

Mindfulness course

The next course will begin in September 2022, with sessions exclusively for patients and carers

ANCHOR patients are warmly invited to take part in our mindfulness-based stress reduction course. 

Mindfulness can be a great resource to equip you with tools and practices to alleviate feelings of stress or anxiety.

Guided by our wonderful tutor Louise via zoom, the fully-funded 8-week course aims to provide techniques to help you deal with these difficult emotions while also helping to improve sleep quality. We also have a course for carers too!

Since we launched our mindfulness course:

  • 100% of participants say they are able to deal better with difficult emotions
  • And 75% of people noticed improved sleep quality
  • 100% would recommend the course to others

Hair loss support service

Monday - Friday

Our hair and wig stylist Heather is available to provide guidance if you are facing hair loss as a side effect of your treatment.

While we’re currently unable to facilitate in-person appointments within the ANCHOR Unit, Heather is just a phone call away to guide you through the unknowns.

  • Wig fitting and support as you prepare to wear a wig
  • Advice on scalp care and how to take the best care of your wig
  • Tips on how to style your natural hair when it starts to grow back
Hair loss support service

Hair and wig stylist Heather

“My mum really struggled with depression and heightened anxiety when she faced hair loss as a side effect of her treatment. After my Mum met Heather, it changed her life. She now has a wig that fits perfectly and looks so natural. It’s so good to see my Mum smiling, she’s found her confidence and feels like a woman again.”
Feedback from the daughter of a patient

Hair loss support service

Podiatry service

Every Wednesday within inpatient wards 112 and 114

Currently, our podiatry service is available within the inpatient wards of the ANCHOR Unit, one day a week, for any patient experiencing problems with their feet or lower limbs.

If you’re experiencing problems with your feet or lower limbs, our podiatrist Kay is on hand to deliver assessment, treatment and education to help ease any discomfort.

Kay can help you with…

  • Urgent treatment to prevent or stop infection
  • Routine treatment to keep your feet happy and healthy
  • Therapeutic treatment to bring that feel-good factor

 Please speak to a member of our wellbeing team (look out for the staff in red polos) or email us by tapping the button below to book your appointment.

Ward Assistants

Monday – Friday

Throughout your time in the ANCHOR Unit, you’ll regularly see the ward assistants. Both in the inpatient ward setting and in the out and day patient areas of the Unit. You can recognise them by their green, Friends of ANCHOR polo shirts. 

The ward assistants are on hand to support staff and are often one of the first friendly faces you’ll see as you come into the department.


Complimentary Therapies

Our chairside therapies are currently still on hold as we follow guidance from NHS Grampian and the Scottish Government, but our therapists are waiting in the wings for the green light so they can resume these much-loved services including massage, nail treatments and reiki.